Clock N Lock’s Selection of Kalamazoo Escape Rooms is Now Even Larger!

You heard it right: Clock N Lock has added a new Kalamazoo escape room to our roster! Now, in addition to Amelia’s Attic and The UFO Diner, we’re offering a new, family-friendly room: Baby Unicorn Rescue! Recognizing the demand for kid-friendly games in the area, we wanted to create something really special. A sixty-minute game, Baby Unicorn Rescue is the perfect choice for couples planning double dates, families searching for exciting weekend activities, and any smaller groups looking to test their wits.

But, let’s talk about the story! The once-gentle Wizard Gary has broken bad, becoming The Evil Wizard Gary! Trapping a poor, helpless unicorn in his musty old dungeon, he’s laughing maniacally at the kind inhabitants of the land who have gathered below his Keep. Seeking to rescue the trapped unicorn, a brave few venture into the Keep, hoping to solve the mysteries presented by the wizard’s spell room. Do you think that you can crack the wizard’s magics? Will you be able to break the spell in time to free the hapless creature and restore peace to the land? We’re excited for you to try!

When it comes to Kalamazoo escape rooms, Clock N Lock is the go-to destination. Always looking to expand our selection, we create all of our rooms in house. Our owner, Paula Norder, works with a skilled group of builders, makers, designers, and storytellers to create engaging, captivating rooms that challenge – and reward! – our players. So, if you’ve been looking for a fun and family-friendly activity to try your hand at this weekend, we encourage you to take a look at the rooms we have available, reach out to us with any questions, and schedule your visit today!