Come Celebrate Your Bachelorette Party At Clock N Lock With Our Original Escape Rooms!

Are you and your bridesmaids looking for bachelorette party ideas that are a little more out of the box, rather than ordinary and simple? Clock N Lock has you covered. We have unique escape rooms, all with a different theme and originality.  Whether you are looking to put together a small, low-key gathering or a massive bachelorette party, you can guarantee that our staff will work with you to create a memorable, fun event for you and your bridesmaids. In today’s post, we are going to discuss some of our escape rooms, and how your bachelorette party can be a fun, memorable event.

Neptune’s Man Cave

Are you and your bridesmaids looking for an escape room that has humor, and some adult themes? This is the room for you! Whether you have escape room experience or not, this room will bring not only some laughs, but also adventure to your party.

The UFO Dinner

With this room, not only is this room filled with fun surprises and puzzles in store, but you will also enjoy a shared experience with this challenging escape room. The exciting, investigative nature of this room will be a great ice-breaker for your bridesmaids, which allows for a jumpstart on your pre-wedding celebrations, and showcase your wit and intelligence.

At Clock N Lock, we strive to provide an out of the box, memorable experience for everyone who arrives at our facility. With different and creative escape rooms available to escape from, we guarantee each room will not only increase your team building skills and test your intelligence, but make your bachelorette party one for the books. For more information on our escape rooms and to schedule your bachelorette party, contact us today!