Enjoy Dinner, Escape Rooms, and Dessert in Downtown Kalamazoo

If you’re looking to plan the perfect evening out, you’ll want a good meal, good entertainment, and a good way to cap it all off. Thankfully, downtown Kalamazoo offers a wealth of opportunities! No matter the time of year, the downtown area is always jumping. Whether people are bouncing from location to location for Art Hop or they’re taking in a concert at the annual Ribfest, there’s never a shortage of fun, exciting things to do. But, what about those “off” times of the year? Those times when there aren’t organized events going on? Well, we’re going to help you plan an amazing night in downtown Kalamazoo… one with a great meal, exciting escape rooms, and wonderful, nostalgic desserts!


When it comes to restaurants, there’s no competition: downtown Kalamazoo is where it’s at. You can order a classic pizza at Bimbo’s, relax with some tapas at Fandango, or – for something a little more upscale – sit down for a delicious meal at Rustica.

Escape Rooms

After your meal, you’ll likely want to seek out some entertainment. Why not visit the absolute best escape rooms in Kalamazoo? Offering a slew of escapes that were all designed in-house by our owner, Clock N Lock’s rooms are the most unique, polished, and thrilling rooms in the area.


Okay, maybe not a classic dessert, but how about something nostalgic? Or exotic? Or just plain weird? Right next door to Clock N Lock, Rocket Fizz carries the area’s largest assortment of candies and sodas. Whether you want a chocolate bar from across the pond or a soda that you grew up with as a kid, you’re sure to find it there!

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing night with friends or an exciting night with the family, we encourage you to browse our site, learn more about who we are, and schedule your visit today!