Experience our Selection of One-of-a-Kind Escape Rooms in Kalamazoo

When you’re looking for escape rooms in Kalamazoo, you want rooms that are unique, challenging, and high-quality. Nobody wants boring, rehashed concepts that don’t offer a thread of originality, they want new, mysterious, and thrilling puzzles that can’t be found anywhere else. Well, thankfully, you’re in luck! Clock N Lock offers an unparalleled range of escape games that are certain to pique your curiosity and test your wits. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a few of the rooms that we offer – and plan to offer – and discuss how they’re guaranteed to provide your group with a unique experience.

The UFO Diner

Our flagship game, The UFO Diner presents a challenging scenario themed around paranormal investigation and supernatural phenomena. With the aim of proving – once and for all – that we’re not alone in the universe, this room tells a compelling story that is filled with puzzles that are certain to put your brainpower to the test.

Amelia’s Attic

Who hasn’t wondered about the fate of world-renowned pilot Amelia Earhart? Well, now’s your chance to tour her attic, follow the clues left there, and attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding her disappearance. Filled to the brim with challenging, thematic puzzles, this escape room is a great way to immerse yourself in one of the strangest cases in aviation history!

At Clock N Lock, our goal is to provide the most unique escape rooms in Kalamazoo. With all of our rooms designed by our owner, Paula Norder, you can be confident that you won’t find our games anywhere else in the state… or the world! Best of all, you can promise fellow participants a one-of-a-kind day that’ll challenge their brains and test their ability to think on their feet. For a fun, engaging experience that you’re sure to remember, we encourage you to visit us today!