Looking for Bachelorette Party Ideas? Clock N Lock Has You Covered!

Have you been scouring the Internet, searching for great bachelorette party ideas? Want to make a great impression on your guests? Looking for something that will keep your party entertained and excited? If so, Clock N Lock Escape Rooms in Kalamazoo has your back! With a selection of the area’s most original escape rooms, we’re the go-to destination for bachelorette parties, group games, and team building activities. Whether you’re looking to put together a small, low-key gathering or a massive, high-octane get-together, you can be confident that our team will work with you to create a memorable, engaging event. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a couple of our escape rooms and discuss how they can crank your party up to eleven.

Amelia’s Attic

A classic escape rooted in historical drama, Amelia’s Attic is about the mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart. Tasked with discovering her assumed identity by scouring through her abandoned belongings, this escape is sure to be a hit!

Neptune’s Man Cave

Recommended for ages 16 and up, this is one of our more “mature” escapes. Ideal if you’ve been looking for bachelorette party ideas that’ll leave your guests laughing, Neptune’s Man Cave is a riotous, mythology-inspired adventure that’s been injected with a dose of humor, adult themes, and – of course – adventure!

At Clock N Lock Escape Rooms in Kalamazoo, all of our escape games are 100% original. Designed by our owner, Paula Norder, they aren’t available anywhere else in the country. From subtle, paranormal mysteries to gripping, historical enigmas, we’ve got all of the bases covered. If you’ve been scouring the Internet in search of engaging, exciting, and – most of all – fun party ideas, browse our page to learn more about the escape rooms that we have on offer!