Need An Escape Plan From The Heat This Summer? Try the Best Escape Games in Kalamazoo!

Have you been stuck in the same dull dinner and a movie routine when the humidity and hot weather strikes in Michigan? Why not try some escape games in Kalamazoo! At Clock N Lock Escape Rooms, we offer escape games with different unique rooms for each theme that range on a scale of five to eight out of ten in difficulty.

The UFO Diner

Do you have a larger family outing or a group of co-workers and are looking for something to break the ice? With this fun and challenging room, there are some fun surprises and puzzles in store for you and your family. As a team of paranormal investigators, this escape game puts your quick wits and intellectual abilities to the test, and trying to prove we are not alone in this universe.

Amelia’s Attic

Are you and your group history gurus looking for a room with lots of excitement? In this room, you get to go through Amelia Earhart’s attic, follow the clues you see, and discover the true fate of one of the most famous pilots in the world.

Curtain Call

Have you and your friends eighteen and up already dealt with what you thought were easy escape rooms and want to try a more advanced escape game? We’ve got you covered. In this difficult room, you and your group are passengers on a plane testing what you are truly capable of under pressure as you are dropping at 35,000 feet.

If you are looking for a thrilling, exciting adventure with your family, friends, or co-workers, our escape rooms designed by our owner Paula Norder are sure to get your heart racing and test your wits! For the best escape games in Kalamazoo, please visit us today for an experience you will never forget!