Da Vinci’s Lost Design

A valuable asset, Leonardo Da Vinci was under the protection of the Illuminati. To this day, his design patents provide wealth opportunities to the group. There have been rumors – traded amongst scholars in winding, academic corridors – that his greatest design has remained hidden from the world. Legends abound that the design will be released one day, when the Illuminati has deemed the world ready for it. According to these hushed whispers, when it is found, Da Vinci’s Lost Design will change the world forever.

Da Vinci’s Lost Design appeals to smaller businesses, where the smaller group size better matches their work team. Fans of Dan Brown’s popular book and movie, The Da Vinci Code, will enjoy the historic, mysterious theme and investigatory nature of this exciting room escape.

This escape room is exclusively available at the Kalamazoo, Michigan location of Clock N Lock and was designed by the owner, Paula Norder.


10 people


60 minutes


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