Neptune’s Man Cave

At night, a strange dream comes to you: a white-bearded, trident-wielding, barnacle-encrusted figure promises to release the fury of the oceans if a valuable possession is not returned to him. When you awaken, you’re in Neptune’s Man Cave, a bait and tackle shop frequented by noted marine biologist Dr. Gavin Philip, PhD. It is believed that he has hidden among these briny treasures the object demanded by the white-bearded figure, who is revealed to be Neptune, the Roman god of the sea.

Can you find the item that Dr. Philip purloined and return it to Neptune’s Man Cave before his stormy temper drenches the world in a watery fit of tsunamis, tidal waves, floods, and typhoons? One of the most unique escape rooms in Kalamazoo, Neptune’s Man Cave offers a cheekier theme designed for seasoned room escape players. It features a dose of humor, mild adult themes, and is recommended for ages 16 and up.

This escape room is exclusively available at the Kalamazoo, Michigan location of Clock N Lock and was designed by the owner, Paula Norder.



6 people


60 minutes


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