The Origin of Clock N Lock Escape Rooms in Kalamazoo

The story of Clock N Lock Escape Rooms in Kalamazoo starts halfway across the world, in Paris. On holiday in April 2015 with my son Harrison, we were checking out France while Doug, Harrison’s father, was traveling in China for work. Huge fans of travel and adventure, I was committed to ensuring that the trip wasn’t lame, so I Googled, “cool things to do with teenagers in Paris.” As fate would have it, there was a recurring result, “Hint Hunt Escape Rooms.” After reading the reviews, I was sold. Me and Doug set off on what would be come – quite literally – a lifechanging adventure for the both of us.

On Hint Hunt’s website, we saw that their games were designed for three to six players. Emailing to inquire about the possibility of participating with two players, they responded quickly and ensured me that the escape would still be possible… and noticeably more difficult. So we jetted off and, when we arrived, the staff was surprised to have an American mom and a 15-year-old show up as their last slot of the day.

The escape itself was amazing! We worked the problems, searched for clues, and scratched our heads as we felt all the game’s gears slowly click into place. Unfortunately, we didn’t beat the clock… but we created some great memories! More importantly, we had bonded! During that hour, we were a team and we worked together to overcome the game’s challenges! After that day, escape rooms and escape games burrowed into my brain. They were always on my mind and, in 2017, I decided to do something about that!

At Clock N Lock Escape Rooms in Kalamazoo, we’ve really tried to capture that feeling. We’ve built our escapes around shared experiences and, more importantly, around bonding as a team. If you’ve been searching for a great way to spend time with your teenaged children, be sure to contact us today to schedule your visit!