Tired of Being Tired? Bored of Being Bored? Snap Out of It: Visit the Best Kalamazoo Escape Rooms!

If you’ve been locked in your house all winter, there’s no better way to empower yourself than by visiting the best Kalamazoo escape rooms. It’s been cold, dreary, icy, and overcast for too long and – throughout the area – people are starting to get a little stir crazy. We’re tired of scraping our cars. We’re tired of shoveling our driveways. We’re tired of ice-covered roads forcing us to grip our steering wheels until our knuckles turn white. We’re just plain tired of winter. What we need is an escape. Thankfully, Clock N Lock Escape Rooms offers the area’s most thrilling, daring, and exciting escape games!

While we can’t melt the snow, we can give you a memorable evening and – more importantly – a sense of control. We can put you in the driver’s seat and challenge you, with nothing but your wits, wiles, and wonder to guide you. Whether you’re drawn to the space-agey ambiance of The UFO Diner or the historical intrigue of Amelia’s Attic, you can rest assured that our rooms are a great way to break the chains of the winter woes. And, best of all, we’re located right smack in the middle of downtown Kalamazoo, so you can keep your night rolling by visiting a nearby restaurant, bar, or store!

At Clock N Lock, we’re committed to offering the absolute best Kalamazoo escape rooms. Designed in-house, every one of our escapes is 100% unique and – more importantly – 100% fun. So, if you’ve been feeling weighed down by the ice, snow, and cold, if you shiver at the thought of of binging The Office for a third consecutive time, if you’ve read every book in the house, or if your cat is looking at you like she’s saying she needs a little space, schedule a visit to Clock N Lock and get yourself out of the house!