Visit the Most Unique Kalamazoo Escape Rooms, only at Clock N Lock!

When it comes to exciting, local activities, you can’t beat the Kalamazoo escape rooms at Clock N Lock! Designed by our own Paula Norder, each room is lovingly – and deviously – crafted with fun in mind. Whether you’re in need of a good, family-friendly activity or a team-building exercise, you can be confident that our escape rooms are the most unique in the area. These aren’t the same escape rooms that you see everywhere… they aren’t purchased as a pre-built package or ordered from a global manufacturer. Every room is one-of-a-kind: conceived, devised, and built from scratch. We promise, you won’t find more original rooms anywhere in the area!

But, why build them from scratch? Why? Because it’s not just more fun for our players, it’s more fun for us! We get to scour antique shops, online auctions, and estate sales. We get to work with local fabricators and puzzle aficionados. Best of all, we get to sit around inventing cunning, playful puzzles that will pose mind-bending challenges to our guests! Our goal isn’t just to puzzle and mystify you, though, it’s to create a memorable experience that’ll keep you – and your friends – talking for years! The only way we can be sure that happens is by doing everything ourselves, from the ground up!

At Clock N Lock, we’re proud to offer the most unique Kalamazoo escape rooms. We want our guests to be certain that the experience they’re about to have isn’t some run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter experience. We want them to know that they’re in for a treat: a genuine, original escape room that is only available through us. If you’ve been looking for a great way to spend a weekend, build a team, or impress your friends, be sure to schedule your visit today!