Want to Start Your Evening Off Right? Try the Most Exciting Escape Games in Kalamazoo!

With all the late-night activities scheduled this summer, it’s can be challenging to find fun ways to kick off the day. Whether you’re attending one of the city’s annual festivals, a concert in the park, or a food truck rally, you’re likely wondering, “What should we do before – or after – the event?” Well, we’re happy to say that the answer is simple: visit Clock N Lock, the most exciting escape games in Kalamazoo! With two of the area’s most puzzling, mystifying, and engaging escape rooms, we’re confident that you and your cohorts will have an amazing time.

Our escape rooms are all original and designed in house by Clock N Lock’s owner, Paula Norder. After a trip to Paris, where she first experienced the magic of escape rooms, Paula devoted herself to bringing that same sense of joy and excitement to Kalamazoo. Her first room, The UFO Diner, has earned a reputation for its quirky X-Files meets Roswell theme and – of course – its thrilling gameplay. Now, Clock N Lock’s second room, Amelia’s Attic, is building its own reputation as a perplexing historical mystery. No matter which room you choose, you can be certain that you – and your compatriots – will have an extremely fun and extremely memorable time.

At Clock N Lock, we’re committed to offering the best escape games in Kalamazoo. Working to conceive, design, and build our own rooms, you can rest assured that you won’t find any of our games anywhere else. Best of all, we’ve worked to build a casual, relaxed atmosphere that will make you feel at home. So, if you’re planning to attend one of Kalamazoo’s many festivals or fairs but you aren’t quite sure what to do before the big event, we encourage you to read more about us and schedule your visit today!